Breast Implant Surgery

Breast Implant Surgery

Breast Implant surgery.

Breast implant surgery is an important surgery. It is not only intended as cosmetic surgery but also as a way to relieve pain. It is usually recommended for patients who have undergone treatment for breast cancer as well. With advances in medical science, breast implant surgeries have also become affordable. These surgeries are completely painless.
Tendulkar Medicare is a professional and well-established practice in the Mumbai area. We are one of the leading medical facilities in the Mumbai area to offer breast implant surgery to our patients. Our expert panel of doctors have been performing this surgery for years and have become experts in all aspects of this surgery.
Breast augmentation is another name for this surgery. This surgery is performed for various reasons. The first is to augment naturally small breasts. The second is to restore the normal breast size and shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is a common procedure for new mothers, and many opt for this surgery to get back to normalcy.
The next reason is to make the breasts more symmetrical. Naturally, the breasts may not be symmetric, and this procedure will help correct the uneven breasts. The fourth reason for breast implant surgery is, as we already discussed, to recover after an operation like a mastectomy.
Many doctors also offer this surgery to reduce the size of the breasts. With a large size, women usually experience a lot of back pain and other related spinal problems. Hence, doctors offer breast augmentation to get the breasts to a better size that does not cause a lot of pain and discomfort.
There are many types of implants that are available on the market, and the doctors at Tendulkar Medicare have extensive experience with all of them for breast implant surgery. Choosing the right implant is as important as the surgery itself. Each implant has different characteristics, and the feel, as well as the shape of each of them, vary. Hence, it is important that you consult the experts at Tendulkar Medicare to decide on the best implant for you.
The 1sttype of implant is the saline implant. Saline is essentially saltwater. As the name suggests, this implant has saltwater that is inside it. The saline is protected by a layer of silicone. People wonder about the danger of the implant popping and the saline coming out. There is no risk to the patient in such cases as the saltwater is just absorbed by the water and ejected via the normal waste methods.
Another popular implant for breast implant surgery is the complete silicone breast implant. As the name suggests, these are fully made of special silicone. In fact, the inner material is silicone gel and is not as firm as the outer cover giving the proper texture for the breasts.
Tendulkar Medicare operates exclusively in the Mumbai area and has doctors who have full knowledge of these types of implants as well as the other new types of implants that are available on the market.


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