Breast sagging treatment

Breast Sagging treatment.

Breast sagging is a common problem with women that are in their late 30s and early 40s. It starts from this age and only becomes worse as women age. Sagging is the phenomenon of the hanging of the breast tissue. Because of the advanced age, the breast tissue loses its shape and loses its firmness. This problem can be corrected by Breast Sagging treatment.

This is a special treatment and is not available in all hospitals and cosmetic centers. One of the specialists for this treatment is Tendulkar Medicare. Tendulkar Medicare operates only in the Mumbai area so that we can focus more on our patients and help them with their issues of breast sagging.

The Breast Sagging treatment is also commonly known as a breast lift, or it is also known as Mastopexy in the medical circles. This is a completely pain-free surgery and does not require you to stay in the hospital for a long time. What essentially happens in this surgery is, the experienced surgeon trims the excess tissues of the breasts that cause it to sag and lifts the breasts up to get better volume and position. The Breast will be higher on the chest and also will be much firmer after the treatment.

The breast lift procedure does not essentially change the size of a breast and is hence done along with a breast implant surgery to get better size and volume of the sagging Breast. Along with the Breast, the areola may also be resized and repositioned as per the advice of the doctor.

The Breast Sagging treatment, when done by professionals, like the expert surgeons at Tendulkar Medicare, will last a very long time and will give the ideal shape and size for the patient. Moreover, the rates here are much more reasonable than most of the other places in the Mumbai area who offer the same service.

Who are the perfect candidates for a breast lift?

The best candidates for a breast lift are women whose breasts are sagging and have lost their volume and with that their size. Another category of patients is those whose nipples point downwards because of the extreme sagging. Women whose breasts have become elongated or flat and are asymmetrical are also some of the perfect candidates for the Breast Sagging treatment performed by Tendulkar Medicare.

The breast lift procedure itself is a very short one. It usually takes one to four hours on average, depending on how much work is to be done to reshape the breasts. Small incisions are made around the breast tissue to get access to the tissue underneath so that the Breast Sagging treatment can be performed from within. The tissue inside the Breast is then repositioned and reshaped to get a more compact and firmer breast. The areolas, as well as the nipples, may also be repositioned to better areas. Excess tissue is trimmed so that the Breast has a better look to it than it was before. Once the patient is stable after the surgery, they can go home immediately.


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