Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nose Surgery

Thinking of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)?

Rhinoplasty surgery is aimed to improve an individual’s appearance, but attained with caution! As well as known as “Nose Reshaping” or “Nose Surgery.“ If you are looking for a nose reshaping or nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) and improve your appearance. Set up a meeting with our expert Dr. Sachin Tendulkar, an Experienced and best rhinoplasty surgeon.
Let us know what troubles you about your nose? How might you be thinking of changing it? Tell our expert about your goals for nose reshaping, and our expert will then evaluate the structure of your nose and other features of your face and tell you whether your imagination worked or not because results may not be the same although our surgeons complete focused to maintain facial balance in correct proportion. At Tendulkar Medicare, we have a skilled and experienced surgeon, who will sort out all irregularities with your nose.
Before going for Surgery, keep these things in mind:
• It will totally change your appearance
• Enhance your beauty
• May changes not suits to your face.
Don’t waste your time in looking here and there visit Tendulkar Medicare and Start your treatment eyed by the best surgeon.
Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) is done to correct a deviated septum, which is one of the most common causes of breathing impairment or nasal obstruction, corrected by our Medicare expert surgeon by modifying the nasal structure to outgrowth better alignment. Nasal obstruction can produce problems with a workout, sleep apnea, or disturb sleep, and contribute to snoring or interfere with other activities.
There are many techniques of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty):
• Aesthetic (change the outer appearance of the nose)
• Functional (help the nasal airway to improve breathing and low obstruction rate)

The procedure of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty):

The whole procedure will take 2-3 hours. The first step is a medicating candidate with anesthesia for your comfort during the surgical procedure. At the Tendulkar Medicare, we use general/ local anesthesia. Our expert doctor will suggest the best anesthesia option, according to you. Then the surgeon applies cuts within the nostrils and, if required, can cut across the upper side of the nose. To produce a more pleasant appearance, the surgeon will reshape the cartilage and inner bone.

Post-Surgery care:

At Tendulkar Medicare, we offer the best Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Mumbai, India, under the skilled and experienced doctors. After successful surgery, our surgeon will guide you about all care tips. There are some tips:
  • Avoid exposing treated areas to the sun for at least 6 months.
  • Antibiotic for recovery.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, nicotine, heroin, Marijuana, etc.
  • No consumption Painkiller, but can take if urgent
  • Don’t blow your nose for a week
  • Consume Multivitamin pills after Surgery for one month.
Results are permanent with a very slight change in structure; if you are facing any problem, you can visit us at any time. Tendulkar Medicare offers nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) at a very affordable price as compared to many other Medicare clinics that claim to have 100% accurate results. We have excellent Medical staff with over 10 years of field experience and cured 999+ patients every year.


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