PRP Hair Treatment

Is PRP hair treatment effective?

Platelet-rich plasma is a way to heal and treat various specific parts of the body. It could be anything like restoring hair growth. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common condition which causes the shrinking of the hair follicles thus resulting in the hair loss. This condition is being treated by the doctors by PRP method. Generally in males, it is male pattern baldness. So here we will extensively try to elaborate, how PRP is being used to treat the hair loss and whether is effective or not?

What PRP hair treatment?

It is very important to aware the people about how does PRP work in healing. Along with red and white blood cells, Platelets are the compound of blood. So, when there is any minor or major cut in the body parts the first responders are the platelets that arrive to coagulate the bleeding and heal the wound. PRP has gamut of important factors that helps in assist tissue repair. As hair loss happens due to the damage to the hair follicles so it is possible to re-grow hair by reversing the very process that happens in androgenetic alopecia.
This is why; PRP has gained so much popularity in the recent decade. This method could also be used to treat various other injuries like muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Is PRP hair treatment effective?

In the recent decade a vast array of research has been conducted to understand how PRP could be useful to treat the hair loss. Through the experiments and intensive research they come to the conclusion that the treatment is controversial. The controversies arose due to the fact that the various researchers used different preparation, sessions interval and other various things. Due to which its effects varied.

Procedure of the PRP treatment

Here is the most common approach that is being followed by the professionals in mumbai to PRP injections to regain the hair loss.
  • A medical expert takes blood from a vein in the arm of the patient.
  • Then, they place this blood sample in a centrifuge to spin the blood and separate the various components present in it.
  • Now, the medical expert extracts the platelets from the centrifuged blood sample using a syringe.
  • A doctor injects the platelets into targeted areas of the scalp of the patient.

Side effects

There is a very little risk in the whole process because the PRP solution contains blood of the patients itself. However, there are some side effects that the patient may experience.
  • mild pain at the injection site
  • scalp tenderness
  • Little swelling
  • acute headache
  • itching


The professionals at Tendulkar Medicare, Mumbai have gained mastery over this technique and helping many people with baldness problem. However, still there is still a wide area of improvement required to carry out because of the limited studies done on this method due to small sample size, and different techniques used by different doctors. Therefore, doctors at Tendulkar Medicare are working dedicatedly to improve the technique to better the lives of the people.


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